Hair Loss Control Conditioner


FEATURING NATURAL OILS – We believe in hair care products made with botanical ingredients, which is why our conditioner formula features Brahmi and Analgene.
REDUCE HAIR FALL – Contains hibiscus herbs that boost the body’s natural ability to strengthen hair follicles healthy hair growth. It helps hair retain moisture that supports to prevent split ends and reduce the chances of dull and damaged hair.
SMOOTH DRY FRIZZY HAIR – Analgene acts as a natural conditioner and helps to restore natural moisture shine and reduce DRY & frizzy hair.
SOFT HAIR – Our hair fall control conditioner soothes hair for a more shiny texture. Detangles hair to make them more manageable.

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Our hair is exposed to sunrays, a pollutant that may result in hair damage, hair fall, dry, curly hair, or split ends. In such cases, it is essential to provide nutrient to hair that restores Natural moisture and goodness to hair. Hair Loss Control Conditioner is a formula rich in organic Herbs like Brahmi, Hibiscus extract, and Analgene. This intense hair conditioner leaves hair refined, smooth, and lustrous while nourishing and repairing it.

Regular application of Hair conditioner helps optimize the natural oil balance of Hair & Scalp that retains and restores the hair’s natural moisture. Restoration of moisture helps to make hair soft and glossy. Its natural formula helps reduce Hair Fall, reduce split ends and help to smooth dry, curly hair. Our Hair Fall Control Conditioner is a one-stop solution to common hair issues. It is suitable for color-treated hair and could be used by both Men and Women.

Wash your hair with a good shampoo and squeeze out extra water. Take the conditioner hair fall control and emulsify in your palm. Apply on the strands going from mid-length to the tip smooth leftover product on the rest of the hair on top. Avoid applying to the scalp. Leave on for 2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with plain water. Once washed off completely, follow with a cold-water rinse to flat the cuticles for extra smoothness and shine. For Best Results, use after every hair wash.


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